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28 November

does anyone know where i could find affordable office furniture, and front room furniture?

I need and excutive desk and a lether couch with two setting chairs. I dont want to spend alot but every where I have look on the internet it is so expensive. I just wondered if there was a really decent priced site that I didnt know of.

You could always try Ikea, they are pretty inexpensive if you have one near you. The shipping on any furniture is going to be outrageous so I would avoid internet shopping. Try your local newspaper. Or, furniture stores sometimes have scratch and dent stuff that is marked down considerably and usually in pretty good shape. And you can usually dicker with them on the price. A leather couch is going to be somewhat costly no matter what. You could always try to find a cheap couch that you like the shape of and reupholster it with leather or faux leather.

22 November

Glass Office Furniture | Office Furniture — What Does Glass Office Furniture Do?

The office is important to be decorated well since there will be so many things that are done in the office that require people to be connected with others.

The decoration of the office very often becomes the thing that becomes the consideration of some companies to assess the performance of that certain office.

The reliability, the professionalism, and many other aspects can be represented through the decoration of the office.

For the best decoration, the glass office furniture can be one good option that is based on many reasons.

The thing that people want from offices is the development or progressiveness, so that it is important to put some modern touch in the decoration of the office.

As a solution for this problem, the glass office furniture will be the best selection.

The modern style of decoration greatly emphasizes on the material made of metal and glass, so that this solution will be the best for the office that wants to put the modern style as the representation of their office.

The next advantage that can be obtained from the glass office furniture is the simplicity that is represented by the material from glass.

To learn more about Glass Office Furniture, please visit our website :

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22 November

I’m decorating an office space. Where is a good place to find quality office furniture?

I’m looking for high end, quality furniture. Desks, Chairs, sofas, the works, where can I look? Online? Miami area?

ikea is always good

the have great office chairs 🙂
and everything else u need

6 November

Where can I find businesses that are looking to buy office furniture?

I was curious if anyone knew of any websites where businesses post ads or anything like that looking to buy office furnitureWhat would be a good place to start?

All the businesses I have worked for, and my personal business, have/has always done business with established furniture sellers. In other words, we called them. I would think the best thing for you to do would be to advertise, depending on your scale. If you’ve only got a few one-off pieces you are trying to get rid of, craigslist or something similar would be good. If you’re going into business, you might have to just bite the bullet and buy some advertising.

Best of luck to you either way.